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    Education Support 福彩app是正规的吗

    Educational Support Service

    Education Support 福彩app是正规的吗 (ESS) is a collaborative team-based service offered to students, families, and districts.  ESS is designed to help students reach their academic goals and achieve better success within their school and 福彩app是正规的吗 environments, enabling more positive outcomes.  It is our intent to partner with districts to create a larger spectrum of services, meeting the challenging needs of students that districts face.  Through the IEP process, our teams partner with schools, districts, and families to help keep students engaged in their 福彩app是正规的吗 school setting or in the least restrictive placement possible. 

    ESS offers many levels of service designed to be a cost efficient alternative to prevent higher levels of care.  Hillsides has been the innovator of this service for districts and has contracted with districts to a high degree of success over the past three years.  As we expand our program, we are interested in teaming with more districts, helping to meet the needs of students and families to ensure educational success by utilizing an intergraded school and 福彩app是正规的吗 based model. 

    As IEP teams identify students that require greater level of supports, feel free to contact福彩app是正规的吗 to discuss cases that may benefit from ESS.  We have a team of specialists (Facilitator, Youth Specialist, and Parent Partner) that collaborate with the school to provide in 福彩app是正规的吗 support to create progress and success within the school setting.  The program consists of weekly family meetings and an individualized plan for the student and family. 

    If you福彩app是正规的吗 would like to learn more, please contact福彩app是正规的吗 directly.  We are happy to discuss program details, examples of prior plans, rates, and the tiered model of support.  We are also happy to discuss our additional school based services designed to meet the needs of general education students and comprehensive school services.  We look forward to speaking with you福彩app是正规的吗.

    Campus Map

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